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I have a PSU that I want to use to power two 120mm 12v fans. This power supply is not connected to a mother board. The fans came with an adapter to plug them into Molex cables. I have connected the power supply to the wall, and the fans to the molex cables coming out of it, however the fans will not run. The fan on the PSU does not come on either when i turn the PSU on, should it? I'm not sure if it is a faulty PSU or what.

Fan connected to Molex: (should the yellow wire be connected somewhere?)

Molex into PSU:

Back of the PSU which is on but shows no indication of being on
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  1. are you looking to test the PSU?

    then follow this
  2. Found my answer, it needs to be connected to a Mobo to run so I shorted the connection it uses to check that as per: http://forums.techpowerup.com/showthread.php?t=25
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