Acer eRecovery won\'t complete. i had a problme Restore to Factory Default Setti

Acer eRecovery won\'t complete. i had a problume Restore to Factory Default Settings is not appere
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  1. I've no clue what your saying and your post is very vague, Press Alt+F10 repeatedly while its starting up. Even before the bios screen.
  2. if the post is vague, and you have no clue, what is the point of your post?
    do you give an answer, when someone knocks on your door and you are not in?

    Feel free to leave a message in my village, for the village idiot, when I'm not there.
    Or dial (+44)77 888 77 544 and leave a message. I leave my phone, at home, when I go out, mobile.
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