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I have a HAF 912 case and installed some fans to it. On the topside, I added a 200mm fan for exhaust. I also have a 120mm fan in the rear for the same reason. On the side and front, I have them set as intake. For the cpu, I have a heatsink and a fan blowing directly into the heatsink. My temperatures are at 32 celsius for the cpu and 31 celsius for the MB. My NB is at 51 celsius. I connected the top exhaust fan to chasis 2. The cpu fan is connected to the cpu slot. My side fan is connected to the NB fan slot. The other fans are connected to my psu.

I think that the other temperatures are fine, but I am concerned about my NB temperature.
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  1. NB = NorthBridge 50 C for the NB temp is a little warmer then I like but for some motherboards that temp is normal. What you can do is do a google search for your same motherboard and see what others got with the same board.
  2. ^+1. For example, the nVidia 750/780i NBs ran damn hot. If you are really concered about it, add a Antec Spot cool and direct the airflow to the NB.
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