4gb vs 8gb but different latencies!

Hey guys i got a question for you.

I'm wondering what would be faster.


^This is a DDR3 running at 1600. timings are 6-8-6-24. G-skill if it matters. 2 sticks 4 gigs



^ This is DDR3 running at 1600. timings are 8-8-8-24 . G-Skill again. 8 gigs 2 sticks

So i guess the main question is:

Is it worth it to upgrade to 8 gigs of RAM if you lose a good bit of timings. 6-8-6-24 vs. 8-8-8-24

It would be running on sandy bridge so that's why im sticking with 1.5v models.

Thanks in advance!! This forum is always helpfull.
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  1. 8GB is way to much for normal gaming and daily stuff. 8GB is only needed when you are doing heavy application and software development, you know that scientist like stuff! :)
  2. On some games like Crysis having 8gbs will give you about 3 fps more than 4gb, but other than that its not worth it. Also dont get 4 sticks that will put stress on your cpu.
  3. I disagree with hell_ and Max1s on this one.

    More memory makes everything load faster. You can keep more things running at full speed at the same time. Switching between applications is faster. Multi-tasking in general is smoother. When gaming, loading the game itself and level loading are both faster. There are less graphical anomalies like missing textures and such.

    Corsair blog 4GB versus 8GB
    Tom's article on the subject (The words in the pics are in German I think, but the gist is that the graphics card uses system memory to store textures. The more system memory you have, the better -- it will have more texture storage space and the rest of the system will have more memory to run at the same time.)

    My recommended minimum is 6GB for triple-channel systems and 8GB for dual-channel systems. I will also recommend 8GB for quad-channel systems when they become available later this year.
  4. Ehhh. So whats the awnser here? i would be lying if i said i wasn't confused.

    4gigs better latency or 8?

    Sry for the cluelessness.
  5. A) More than 4 is useless if you don't have a 64-bit OS.

    B) RAM is workspace. Do you want a faster tablet or a bigger tablet?
  6. In this situation, having more RAM will make a difference now as well as in the future when games and programs become even more resource-heavy.

    If you read the links I gave in my last post, there will be no doubt in your mind as to the amount of RAM to purchase.
  7. In simple: More gb of ram = Made for programming/movie making/other large multi-tasking projects.

    Lower Latency of ram = Made for gaming (provided you don't have 7 games open at once)
  8. No, it's not that simple.

    A system with 8GB of system RAM will load games and game levels faster, as well as having less graphical anomalies like missing floors or walls. Games will also use higher-resolution textures if you have more system RAM. Some games will also allow you to choose higher quality settings because you have more system RAM.

    Not only do you have Windows and the game using system memory, the graphics card uses system memory too. The more system memory you have, the more room it has to store textures and the better your games will look. Getting the textures from system memory is far faster than getting them from the hard drive, so games will perform better as well as look better.

    Getting 6GB (for triple-channel systems) or 8GB (for dual-channel systems) of system RAM is a no-brainer, especially right now when prices are so low.

    Edit: Of course, this does assume a 64-bit OS ... but you shouldn't be buying a 32-bit OS nowadays anyway.
  9. @ leap-from-shadows

    Im not going to even begin to claim i know a lot about the subject but i have heard that games cant use more than (this number is totally wrong but somewhat close) 3 gigs of ram currently.

    Im sure that windows itself would use up a gig to run, but say i didn't have any other programs open.

    So thats close to 4 gigs if i could even find a game to max out the ram.

    Would i need more?

    I could be completely and totally wrong though, so feel free to correct me
  10. If you're still thinking 4GB will be enough after reading through my posts and the articles I linked, then buy 4GB.
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