Need to make my USB bootable for OS installation

Im trying to make my USB into a bottable to boot it into my desktop computer which is currently unavailable thanks to what i think a virus ( some missing boot.mgr file).

Im trying to do this from my laptop a Mini ACER ASPIRE ONE. I just finished downloading a copy from window 7 ultimate 64 bit but i cannot just add it to my USB accoridng to guides.

The problem is when using DISKPART in command prompt to make my USB bootable it doenst list as a current disk. Using LIST DISK shows up my available disk but my USB doesnt appear and just the hard disk of my laptop. Tried reformatting the disk but nothing, changed letters and even downloaded a swissknife app which didnñt help much.

Not sure what else to add. In the USB properties it says the type and file system. If it helps the Type is Removable Disk and system is FAT32. The USB is a Kingston DT 101 G2

Forgot to add. It is showing in the disk manager option and it is listed with a non used letter.
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  1. use program like
    hp usb format tools
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