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Trying to build a balanced gaming PC around AMD Phenom II X3 720 Heka 2.8 processor. Need advise on which MB, RAM, and cooler to get. Limited budget but can do with this processor.
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  1. On a budget, this is a great mobo!

    has all the features including newest chipset, usb 3.0, and sata 6gb/s - only thing it doesnt have is Crossfire - but save $100 bucks and still able to overclock

    Ram, check out hte OCZ special ops 4gb on newegg... $65 after rebate for 4gb

    Stock cooler will be fine for stock clocks. If you want to overclock, i'd reccomend the coolermaster v8 - i used to reccomend the hyper 212+ when it was $30, but demand has driven it up to $50 - can get the V8 for 50 as well and its more hardcore ( just make sure your case is at least 8inches wide and it will fit
  2. My August Full HD capable $461AR config >.<
  3. that actually a pretty decent system for that kind of money.
  4. Thank you for your kind words :P
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