Intel Core i7 950 and heat!

So, I recently built my own computer and it has an Intel Core i7 950 (Bloomfield). Running CoreTemp, I'm getting TJ Max 212 degrees F. What is a safe TJ Max for the i7? This seems wayy too hot..
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  1. 100C is way to hot!!

    I would check to make sure you CPU fan is spinning, your application of the thermal compound & heat sink is correct (re-do application) and look to get an aftermarket cooler, if using a stock cooler.
  2. Thank you, do you know anything that explains what TJ Max is? Is it a set value or what? Because each core had a different temperature, ranging from 80-88 degrees Celsius for the temperature, however TJ Max stayed at 100 Degrees Celsius the whole time.
  3. 80-88 deg C is WAY too hot. TJ means Tjunction it's how it measures the temperature of each core. TJ Max is when the processor will automatically shut it's self down.

    You should be below 70... way below really.
  4. TjMAX is suppose to be set at 100C. It is the temperature the CPU will shutdown / throddle down to protect from over heating. I miss read your original post and thought you were listing the core temps. However, temps of 80-88 degrees Celsuis is rather hot still (specially if an idle temp). You should be looking at mid 30's for idle and 60's (Max 70's) after two hours of Prime95 with acceptable cooling.
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