ATI Radeon HD 4850 won't boot

Hi, everyone!
Today I got Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 4850. I've installed it into my computer, but when I press the power button (on the case), system won't boot. The screen is black, and I've also figured out that the system doesn't load BIOS at all, because there is no beep sound that is usually played when system starts.
Also, the two litlle LEDs on the HD4850 are constantly blinking, every second or so.

And, yes, I've connected the 6-pin connector from the PSU.

Here is complete configuration:
Intel Dual Core E2180 - 2 x 2.00Ghz
Corsair VX550W PSU
2 x 1 GB RAM
HDD Hitachi 250 GB
Creative sound card

I'm pretty sure it is not PSU issue because I think that VX 550W is fair enough.

Please, help!
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  1. Anyone? please...
  2. Did you connect the PCIe 6 pin power from the PSU to the card?
  3. I wrote "And, yes, I've connected the 6-pin connector from the PSU. " :)
  4. The PSU is not pushing enough power to the GPU is the most likely problem. Do you have access to another PC to check out the GPU in or to swap a more capable PSU from?

    What sort of GPU were you using before you installed the 4850? Also, have you verified that the GPU is seated firmly in the PCIe x16 slot?
  5. I'm pretty sure that Corsair VX 550W is fair enough PSU. I have used a GTS250 before, and, yes, the card has seated into the slot.
  6. The 4850 is pretty demanding in regards to its PSU requirements. Verify the specs for your current PSU provides enough juice on the rail supplying power to your GPU. Just because it worked with a GTS250 does not necessarily mean it is good enough for the 4850.
  7. Corsair VX550W is one of the best PSUs on the market, and I am 100% sure it is not the problem.
  8. Up to you whether you verify or not. Your PSU is indeed one of the certified models said to work with the 4850 and should meet the requirements. Always best to rule out the most likely issues when troubleshooting.

    Did a little research and the 2 LEDs indicate the following:
    HD4850 LEDs
    D1601 - Over temp protection enabled
    D1602 - EXT 12V fault

    If they blink constantly, you have either a defective PSU (second LED) or defective GPU. It is definitely not overheating unless there is a problem with the cooling device on the GPU (still a defective GPU).

    Will the system boot without the 4850 installed? Do you have access to another machine where you can check out the 4850?

    Last, do you have an 8 pin or 4 pin supplemental power connection on your mobo?
  9. Jujo said:
    Corsair VX550W is one of the best PSUs on the market, and I am 100% sure it is not the problem.

    Although the VX550 is plenty for that card they can fail. Check the connection to the card for bent or missing pins. It is either the card or the PSU that are at fault.
  10. The connection is OK. I've tried both power adapter for the card and the actual cables coming out from the PSU.
    The system is booting wihtout the 4850. I've tried 4850 on another system, and everything works fine.

    Is there any chance that it is a MOBO issue?
  11. You have another card to try in the mobo?
  12. few days ago I replaced the GTS 250 with this one, and GTS 250 worked. :)
  13. Have you checked the slot for bent contacts or dirt. It could be that somehow the card is creating power flaw in the slot.
  14. I had that problem too. My 4850 was blinking the LED lights and also the fan was moving in a strange rhythm. I troubleshooted the pc and turns out that one of my RAM chips was causing the problem. It seemed like the flashing leds were just an indicator. So i removed that faulty ram piece and the PC started with no problems. PSU was fine, GPU was fine just dead ram >.>
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