Corsair Case Badge???

I just built a new computer and was putting on some badges. I got out this really cool thick shiny "POWERED BY CORSAIR" badge that came with my power supply. I was peeling off the backing stuff on it and got down to a cardboard seeming layer, did I just shred through the adhesive layer or am I maybe supposed to glue it on the case... I don't know, any help is appreciated.
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  1. Is it sticky??

    I remember just having to pull it off the paper and it was good to go but that has been over a year for me since I installed my Corsair PSU.
  2. no, but i don't even know if this matters but my asus badge was really thin like a sticker and had an adhesive side, but this corsair badge is really thick... if that has any importance
  3. No, the Corsair badge is thick. I would just go to your local store and buy some two-sided tape and apply it that way. It gets it on your case and you don't have to glue it on.
  4. Yeah, the corsair one is a thick plastic one. you should only remove the thin paper layer to reveal the sticky section. it sounds like you've removed the casing of the badge itself.

    as tecmo said, you can just sue some double sided tape.
  5. @welshmousepk- why would you want to sue the tape? its the one helping stick the corsair sticker on!
  6. Haha, typo. thanks for pointing it out and making me look like a dumbass! :D
  7. hmm... i think ill try it
  8. try what? suing tape? lol.
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