Which AMD motherboard?

Come next month I'm building a new system for the AMD bulldozer and I'm stuck between two 970 chipset boards which are practically the same in terms of specs:

Gigabyte GA-970A-D3


The only difference I see is that the ASUS uses UEFI BIOS, but which would be better in terms of long reliability?
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  1. Thats a toss up asus and gigabyte make very good boards--asus has a 3-5 year warranty on most products and rma is easy.
  2. Yeah the're both high quality motherboard makers, I might be getting pulled towards the gigabyte model, although it really is first past the post goes in my case unless there's something worth waiting for on one of the boards
  3. Like everyone has said they are both of really high quality.Personally I'd go with the Asus for the UEFI BIOS,looks really neat.Also Asus boards usually come with lots of software like O.C.ing tools and extra features in the BIOS.
  4. infact the Gigabyte model has dual BIOS, my last motherboard from MSI wouldn't let me access the BIOS 9 times out of 10, would be nice to have a backup BIOS incase anything goes wrong
  5. Must have been that sepcific board then.I just had an MSI 890FXA-GD65 and that never gave me problems with the BIOS.
  6. Yeah MSI make good boards, I think the durability of the one I had didn't last long which was probably down to the chipset, soon after the BIOS problem the southbridge started failing, everytime I tried to transfer a couple of files or go on the internet the system would freeze, screen corrupt and BSOD, dumb VIA, sticking with AMD chipsets from now on
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