Creative SB X-Fi Titanium

Hi, i got a problem with my new Creative SB X-FI Titanium. Im using Windows 7 Ultimate with 4 Gb Ram, Nvidia 9800 GT and Quadcore processor.

When i connect the case's front panel cable on the sounblaster card, Windows do not reconize (sorry my english) it. But without the card installed and the mobo soundcard turned on it does just fine.

Then i notice that when i do connect the front panel cable to the sb and i plug a headphone it does shift the output. But it gets alternanting between the front panel (where i got the headphones) and the backpanel where i do have a pair of speakers connected. I have updated drivers and still happens.

Other thing is that once it changes the output to the front panel it remains there no matter what. Even if i unplugg the headphones it doesnt aknowledge it.

I didn't have had any troubles with that configuration using the Intel HD mobo sound, and i can't believe that i can't have a similar configuration using the new soundcard.

Please help me out.
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  1. Driver problem most likey. You could give either the Daniel_K or PAX driver packs a try and see if they've resolved the issue.

    You could also try manually changing outputs via teh windows control panel.
  2. Double check the headers are connected properly and also I'd recommend trying with another set of headphones, it sounds to me like it's a problem with the headphone jack on the front of your case. You shouldn't need drivers for it to change between the front panel and the back, the soundcard itself switches when it detects the voltage being pulled from the header connected to the front panel, so either 1. your headphones have a loose connection/jack, 2. the frontpanel jack is loosly connected/the pins are not making full contact or 3 the header on the soundcard is not connected or it's faulty. If you can plug the soundcard into another case header and try it that way you can narrow it down to one of those three, if the header is connected fine, and the front panel jack is fine and the headphones are also fine, then you might have a problem with the soundcard itself and you'll need to send it off for repair/replacement
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