Should i upgrade from 500 GB Seagate to 2TB WD

Should i upgrade now from 500 GB Sea gate 2.0 to 2TB Western Digital Caviar 6.0 or wait till the prices of Hard Drives go down soon.
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  1. IF you dont have an SDD stick with your 500 GB and buy a decent SSD to install OS/programs/some games.
  2. Do you need more room to store your files? I think hard drive prices will only gradually lower. An SSD is a good idea for the OS.
  3. But are they cheap like these normal HDDs.

    what the difference between HDD and SSD ?
  4. An SSD will make your computer boot and run programs much faster. But it's more expensive per gigabyte than a regular hard drive. If you are short of space an SSD will not help much. If that's the case stick with getting a larger hard drive.
  5. Btw we are talking about desktop or laptop?

    First u need to think about are u need that much space? (2 TB is big, it also pain in terms of backup)

    going with ssd is good idea if it just need some extra space... but if u had many data to fill in go ahead with hdd...

    about price, i doubt it will return at before floods... (they tried to milk as long as they could, it seems it still that ways now)

    About seagate and WD both are fine disk..
    seagate usually cheaper but wd came with Acronis backup apps (useful stuff)..
  6. Newer 2TB drives are much faster then old 500 gig drives as well.

    Nothing will touch an SSD, but you will not gain space with it.

    The optimal setup is

    SSD for windows and some programs that NEED speed.
    HDD for Desktop/Documents(users profile)/temp files/programs that do not need speed or are not used often.

    With SSDs being smaller(64-256gigs on average price range users are willing to buy), you may wish to not use hibernation as it takes lots of space and reduce the page file size.
  7. wolverine 88 said:
    Should i upgrade now from 500 GB Sea gate 2.0 to 2TB Western Digital Caviar 6.0 or wait till the prices of Hard Drives go down soon.

    if i can ask what do you mean by "Sea gate 2.0" and "Western Digital Caviar 6.0" ?

    are you meaning SATA2 (3Gbs) and SATA 3 (6Gbs)?

    and what are you going to do with it?

    though it really doesn't matter what SATA with a hard drive. prices have gone down considerably since the post flood in thailand (the prices doubled then) but not as cheap as before. but i doubt they will ever be that cheap again in the near future.

    what would matter is if you are installing your operating system on it. then you do not want a "green" drive(5400 rpm) that would be rather slow but to add it for extra storage is quite fine.
  8. *Your question can't be answered properly because you do not specify enough information:

    1) What are your STORAGE requirements? (i.e. is your 500GB drive almost full?)

    2) Is the upgrade primarily just for a SPEED BOOST?

    I usually recommend people who want a good combination of large storage and speed to do this:
    a) 120GB SSD (i.e. OCZ Vertex 4 or Samsung 830/840) for WINDOWS and Apps.

    b) 1TB or 2TB hard drive for Downloads, Media, large STEAM games folder and BACKUPS of your C-drive

    Hard Drives -> slowly dropping, have mostly recovered from the flooding price hike

    SSD's-> rapidly dropping, have dropped to about a THIRD of the price AND have gotten better/faster at the same time in a TWO YEAR PERIOD.

    Current SSD's cost roughly $1 per Gigabyte.
  9. My storage need is to put my 700gb data + more downloads that will come in future and basically keep it for data storage and back up without much worry to lose my data as happened on seagate 500 usb desktop HDD.
  10. The current HDD that is 500GB(7200rpm) 3.0 means 3 gbps data transfer rate 6.0 means 6 gbps data transfer rate.

    i am going do back up my data like games, movies and music, etc.
  11. My 500GB 5 year old is with 7200 rpm and 3 GBPS speed. same speed of new 2tb HDDs except new HDD support USB 3.0 and has 6gbps data transfer speed but 7200rpm.
  12. since you are just using the disk for a back up, a 2TB SATA 3Gbs "green" drive will be fine.
    Western Digital 2TB Caviar Green SATA3 $95.99

    because is seems to me that you are looking for space not I/O performance.
  13. Go with a 1tb WD Black for speed plus room, and a 3tb back up storage! What I run... but I'm not a huge gamer on PC, stick to PS3 for that lol.
  14. In india only two HDD are available with 2tb portable Seagate expansion usb 3.0 support no info about speed and WD 2tb USB 3.0 support with 7200rpm and 6gbps data transfer speed.

    same 2tb Seagate and WD for external use is 400 to 500 rupees cheaper.

    which would be better USB external Hdd or internal Hdd ?
  15. if you are
    i am going do back up my data like games, movies and music, etc.

    the external will be fine.

    though a mechcanical drive will not use all the bandwidth of either; in theory the SATA 6.0Gbs will be a bit faster with slightly more bandwidth (6Bgs vs 5Gbs), in AHCI mode it supports Native Command Queing making it more efficient and the USB 3.0 taxes the CPU while transferring large files:
    USB 3

    SATA 6Gbs

    but again for what it seems you are doing, transferring files now and then, USB3.0 will work well enough.
  16. Ok thanks, the USB 3.0 2tb external is the way to go :)
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