Some help on 64bit upgrade

Well I've got some cash lying around so I'm thinking of upgrading my system to get win 7 64bit (Home Premium cause I don't need professional crap).
Now most hardware I got in my rig is 64bit friendly but a bit out dated.

Stuff I want to upgrade:

Asus Maximus Formula
Corsair TWIN2X 6400C5DHX DDR2, 4096MB Kit w/two CL5 2GB Dimm's
some crappy ancient Hard drive (sata)

Stuff to keep:
Intel Core™ 2 Quad Extreme QX9650 3GHz,LGA775
Creative SB X-FI Xtreme Gamer
GeForce 295 GTX

Now I know my MB is 64bit friendly but dunno if it's worth keeping?

Basicly I want to get the best out of my CPU and graphics card with the 64bit. So if any one got a suggestion on MB, RAM and HDD share with me cause I've been out of the tech loop for to long.
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  1. Why does'nt anybody think it's important to mention the budget?



    Keep your RAM.
  2. Currently all the stated hardware will work just fine with any 64 bit windows OS.

    Really the currently build you have is pretty good. There's not much worth changing. The above poster's motherboard will not support the cpu you currently have. I'd also say the posted harddrive bit dated as well.

    I'm not sure you'd see much performance increases in upgrading the current system you have (except maybe ur harddrives which arn't listed) without doing a full overhaul on the system.

    What monitor do you have? Maybe it might be worth spending some money on perphials?
  3. kubes said:
    The above poster's motherboard will not support the cpu you currently have. I'd also say the posted harddrive bit dated as well.

    LOL :kaola: I linked an AMD Mobo for a775. That's the problem with having so many windows open @ one go.

    About the "dated" hard drive comment, are you thinking 6GB/s or 32 MB cache, 10000 RPM, SSD's? What would make it "MODERN"?
  4. Your right I guess just for addons I might say 500 euro tops.

    If Ram is fine I guess ill just buy 4GB more to add for 64 bit OS as for HDD I looked it up:
    wd1600js-00mhb0 serial ata 148GB ..... cant find the RPM's but cant be much.

    So if any one knows a faster HDD with just arround the same ammount of space as I don' t need more let me know.
  5. There's nothing that 8 GB can do, that 4 GB can't at the moment.

    Microsoft says 64 bit requirement is 2 GB for 64 bit.

    Unless you want a specialized ultra-high end gaming system (your system is high end enough) or one that you wanna use for a specific purpose, there's no point spending money on hardware, 'coz you've got a pretty good system already.

    If you think it's getting slow, then there are ways to quicken things up back to where it was without spending a single penny.

    Lemme know if that's what you're looking for.

    Btw : You can buy a good looking biga$$ monitor if you don't have one already, and are feeling flush. Give your budget & I'll give you the link accordingly.

    You can pretty much run all games on this for the next couple of years.

    8 GB will be an unnecessary overkill
  6. My monitor is Samsung 226BW.

    Well my system seems slow at some games like Age of Conan, Battle field bad company 2 when there is a ton of explosions :D.

    I'll just probably need an update of my bios etc. haven't done that in ages.

    So ram is overkill and that will save me some money but what a bout a HDD? does more rpm realy make a diffrence?
  7. When looking at hard drives the things to keep in mind are dentisty of the platers and rpms. The fewer the platers and the higher densitiy of each plater will result in faster seek times. RPM of course helps with seek and write times but at the cost of heat and higher chance of mechinical failure.

    That's why SSD has become popular as they don't have moving parts which results in very very fast seek and write speeds. I'm guessing that if your system has any bottle neck its probally the hard drive. However this technology is still pretty new, which means it has a high price tag. With the amount of ram you currently have you really shouldn't be going to the hard drive often when gaming. You have enough space to pretty much load the entire game into ram.

    I agree with cal that if your experincing "slow downs" most likely you can fix the problems without spending any money. Try updating drivers and cleaning up your hard drive is one example.
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