Why are certain programs hogging resources starting at 200,000kb?

Why are programs like internet explorer, mozilla firefox, and even Battlefield 3 hogging resources? Each of them has at least between 200,000kb to 500,000kb worth of resources even when i run it one at a time.
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  1. Well, my chrome gets 1.5GB if I have opened 300 tabs. Is that your case?
  2. sadly your question is vague,
    If you have firefox.exe running it would consume anywhere from 100mb to 2000mb, its all depends on your setup, (how many tabs when last time you cleared your catch)
    Battlefield is game, when it runs it use a lot of memory 1-2GB that is fine.

    if you minimize them they still be running in background, when you close all the ram will be freed

    if you close (firefox for example) but it still lingers in task manager, its bug you can end task it manually

    WHY? its all about speed, so they catch data into ram so you can brows faster, load maps in game faster, so that's why its good to have as much as you can,
    when you have a lot of memory and close Firefox the 500mb it used will still remain in ram so when you open it again it's instant

    btw its good time to get more ram, 8gb for 40$ ,, i have 16gb since i got win 7, now don't even check how much free lol
  3. My Ram for my desktop is only DDR2 and that is expensive in order for me to have 16gb. 16gb's is how much memory my computer can hold. Do you recommend a brand and price? If I remember correctly I require the DDR2 800mhz bus speed ram.
  4. Whats your motherboard model name? How much do u have now? And model too.
  5. Pegatron M2N78-LA (Violet)
  6. ahh yes DDR2 is expensive now, 16gb of ddr2 =280$ ,, 16gb of ddr3 = 80$ supply and demand law hits hard here

    anyway ram managed by windows just fine, thou if you lacking it lets say 2gb you got, closing IE and firefox would help if you want to play Battlefield for example..
  7. If u don't know run Belarc and its in the log info with all memory sticks and mobo too? http://www.belarc.com/free_download.html
  8. OK, but it is your Windows x64?
  9. I've got Windows 7 64 bit. My main question is will this make BF3's resources go down from 500,000kb to a lower number? The game runs beautifully now. A new system with a good graphics card is looking at me is between $1000-$1500.
  10. you can't make it go below 500MB, it will use what it uses, period. Mine runs at about 1,900,000KB. In total my whole system uses about 4GB when playing BF3.

    Can you explain your problem, i.e. the impact it is having, differently? Remember the reasin we have RAM is to use it, there's no point keeping it unused (to a degree).
  11. oh. It's not having any impact on performance wise. I just thought it was weird thats all. One of my components is running at 50 degree Celsius sometimes. Not all the time, but some of the time.
  12. which one?
  13. Its a good thing that it allocate that RAM, that's why it runs smooth. U can only benefit from more RAM.

    4GB for a gamer is the bottom line!
  14. not sure but it is sounding like its running at 1000+rpm at 50 degree Cecilius and is core 0 on the speed fan program.
  15. Get HWMonitor and see what it says. Your temps in detail.

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