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I have recently rigged up my gaming PC from scratch. I have a 60gb SSD and a 1TB HDD. I want to use the SSD as the install section only and use the storage for files, games etc. However everytime I go to install something into the new storage area it doesn't like it cause it needs to be in windows program files folder.

How do I make it work, or can I, if the SSD fills up will it then decide to go onto the storage?

Many thanks in advance if you can help :)
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  1. 60GB SSD is not big. If you are putting games on it, then it'll fill fast. 60GB is great for OS and programs, and that means maybe 1 game. I use my SSD for OS+programs+2 main games and I'm happy with it. Everything else goes to HDDs (1TB).

    I'm not sure how 60GB fills up unless you put games on it. I recommend installing games on HDD. If you installed games on SSD already, then you might want to reinstall the games but on new install save to HDD instead.
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