[Graphics Card] ati HD5850 fan doesn't change speed

Hi. I've got a problem with my graphics card which I'm hoping there's a simple solution for.
During a recent run of FurMark the temperature of my card reached about 85°C with the card's fan spinning at around 2200rpm to keep it cool. The fan's then suddenly spun down to 940rpm and refused to increase in speed even as the temperature rose to 90C. That's when I quickly shut down the benchmark.

Using CCC I've tried to increase the fan speed but no matter what I manually set the speed at the fan remains at a slow 940rpm. However, it does shoot to 4000-ish rpm when I set it to 100%, something which I don't plan to do.
In GPU-Z (0.4.3) it shows that the fan speed doesn't increase at all, even if the percentage changes.

Other stats of my PC:
OS: Windows 7 64-bit
Driver: Catalyst 10.4
CPU: Core i7 920 @ stock
GPU: HD5850 (Sapphire)
PSU: Thermaltake Toughpower QFan 750W
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  1. I have a 5770 (very simular card and same CCC) and just to be sure I understad you. Even in CCC Overdrive when you manually try to increase the fan speed it doesn't unless you crank it to 100%?

    that leads me to think its CCC and not the card. I've never seen a fan work at some speeds and not others. In my exp they useualy either work or they don't. I think if it was the fan It just wouldn't work at all.

    Do you have CCC ver. 10.6 (the newest version)?

    I would completely remove all the ATI drivers using the ATI DRIVER REMOVAL TOOL. you can get it from AMD's website and then reinstall the latest CCC suite from AMD's stee also.

    you may have had a unseen, old, lingering driver from the old card or chipset that didn't get removed before you installed CCC for the 58xx. That happens allot and will most definetly cause CC to act crazy.

    Follow the instructions very carefully for the removal tool as it has a few steps to it. Gotta remove some stuff in the install manager, then restart in Safe Mode to run the tool and then restart normaly and reinstall CCC.

    try that before anything else!
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