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i recently upgraded my cpu from a 7750 BE @3.1 (dual core, phenom I based) to a P2 955... and now my computer is noticeably slower..

it boots slower, my fps is lower and it's less responsive. I did some benchmarks (sandra) and found it to be about half as fast as my 7750

the motherboard is a Jetway HA07 ultra (790GX, AM2+), i did not perform a bios update because http://www.overclockers.com/forums/showthread.php?t=585392 states that my motherboard is compatible and needs bios version A06 (which is what i have)

should i do a bios update anyways? i dont really know how so if someone thinks i should i would need instructions (or reference to them). i dont have a FDD.

the cpu is recognized BUT when i first booted it up it set it to 800MHz and .95v so i changed that to 3200 and 1.325

i have also noticed really really good temps... like it hasnt gone over 40C even when i overclocked it to 3.8 and ran prime 95 but then again, my cpu cooler is a hyper 212+ with AC5 (good, but not THAT good). my case has good airflow too (nzxt hades) but still... 38 C @3.8 on full load? something has to be wrong.
usually sits at 29 or 30 idle

cpu-z reports everything as it should. task manager shows all cores 100% when doing prime 95. but when i did the sandra benchmarks it showed one core fluctuating (20-80%) and the rest 100% -dont know if thats normal

i have went through bios settings like crazy.. cool and quiet is off

everything reports my cpu as a 3.2 quad, 955, 6 meg L3..... everything correct

other system notes:

Radeon 4850 1 gig
2X2 gigs of kingston hyperx 1066 (running at 1066, 5-5-5-15)
320 gig WD, 16 meg
550 wall OCZ (fatal1ty version)
XP pro x64 (also have windows 7 x64 dual booted)

the only change was the cpu, although i guess i got a external hard drive.... but i cant see how that would effect anything

thank you for any and all help you can provide :) im really really confused about this one. im not a noob (soo i dont THINK its something obvious) but im sure i have things to learn
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  1. im getting 9.34 GFlops... should be getting close to 40
  2. Reset all BIOS settings back to default and re-run the tests. If the CPU stays at 800MHz even under load, you may have to do that BIOS update after all.
  3. by default bios, cool and quiet is off.
  4. You might need to clear the cmos so the mother board will properly see the new chip.
  5. tried that
  6. GFLOPS and clockspeed are directly proportional sooo if im getting 9 when i should be getting 37 that means i could be at about a quarter the clockspeed (800MHz)


    i dont know why it would report 3200 if it was at 800 though
  7. I would guess that a bios update might be your best bet. Side note, have you contacted your motherboard manufacturer? They might have some in site on your problem.
  8. I can say that with a hyper 212+ those chips to in fact run very cool. In the low 40s at load with stock speeds and slightly reduced voltage. Low 50s at 3.6. All this with a Antec 300 and the only fans on low.

    As for speed, for sure try a bios update. I have it on a 770T-USB3 if it makes a difference.
  9. contacting jetway is hell but i will try.

    i need help on updating my bios


    what are the award and ami bios update tools listed there? are those for updating it in the OS? can i update it from the OS?

    can someone refer me to a good article on it?
  10. You have an AWARD bios chip at least that is what the site lists.

    I do NOT recommend FLASHING from WINDOWS. you should get a dos boot cd to do the flash.
  11. why is it bad to do it from the operating system? because it could crash?
  12. Yes, if the OS decides to crash while flashing you can be left with a board that no longer boots.

    I am not saying you cant, i just do not recommend it.
  13. how do you do it from the OS?
  14. when i run the upgrade tool in windows, it says its not for this machine type. is that because im on 64 bit? or is that not how i upgrade from the OS?
  15. If you are running awdflash.exe then yes. It is a 16 bit dos application.

    I would recommend you download a boot cd image with cd support then boot off the cd, swap to a cd with the flasher and run the flash.bad

    My personal way to flash a bios is with the built in flasher on many boards. There is no listing for that with your board.

    I would boot with a windows 98 CD that can then drop to DOS. After that i would swap the CD to one with the files in the bios update. Then just type flash and let it too the rest.

    If you need a windows 98 boot cd try here, I have not used those, but they look like the real deal.


    Remember when flashing the bios NEVER power off the system until it tells you or does it on its own.
  16. i tried what you said, when i get to the flashing program "screen" it will ask me to type in the path for the bios; even if i already specified it when launching it.

    It wont let me type in the path, or hit enter. its like stuck.

    how do i upgrade from windows?
  17. Ok put it on drive C: the root directory so when you use your Windows explorer and click on drive C: you will see the BIOS update something like xxxxx.rom or whatever.

    When you use a boot disk drive C: usually no longer drive C: so you can type D: then enter then type DIR - you should see the BIOS update file xxxxx.rom if not try other drives then point the BIOS update software to that drive:

    C:\>awflash C:\xxxxx.rom

    One thing you can also invoke help by typing awflash /? or awflash /help.
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