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I recently acquired a His iceq turbo 5670 which has pushed my fps in games like dragon age, medieval 2 and even WoW up dramatically. However I have been running into some slow downs lately inside and outside of gaming which can only be related to my RAM, CPU and MOBO.

Right now I'm running on some pretty old hardware.

AMD x2 4600
Foxconn m61pmv
2gb of 667mhz ram

I was wondering what would be a decent and cheap upgrade for those components. I would like to stay with AMD. The x3 720 black edition caught my eye. Thoughts, opinions, hate?
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  1. Would you recommend that cpu over the 720black edition? I understand a lot of people have been getting lucky with unlocking the 4th core and that seems like something I wouldn't mind trying out.
    I also feel as if the slow dd2 may bottleneck the cpu.
  2. It's very difficult to find retail 720BEs these days so if u have an after market cooler then hit the OEM one now $99.99 ^^ DDR2/DDR3 no real world difference but if u have funds perhaps sell off those DDR2 and hit 2GB (single stick) DDR3 module 1st?
  3. Incredible. Just in case you have not found it, here are some instructions: Athlon II X3 435 Overclock / Unlock 4th Core?
  4. I just got this card as well on amazon. my system spec is smiliar to yours

    2gb 667
    window xp 32 bits

    However, I did not see huge improvement went I install the card, I took my computer to Microcenter . The tech there did a computer check up. They overclocked my stock CPU a bit and added 2gig of Ram only charged me for the RAM. the performance shoot up dramatically.

    I think you need more RAM to go with that card and a slight OC.
  5. The more RAM is nice but not needed for the boost. It's definitely the CPU, and it looks like he's gonna move up to a Athlon II x3
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