Motherboard and memory compatibility..amd board/Intel TESTED memory

Ok, I ordered this memory:

and this Motherboard:

I know the memory says Intel tested but does that mean that it will ONLY work in a Intel MB or am I sweating over nothing(or is it the 101 heat)?


Thanks in advance...

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  1. Anyone?
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    That is not how you buy memory. You look at whether the motherboard supports DDR3/DDR2/DDR1/SDRAM and the max memory supported and buy according to that. QVLs and intel tested and other such stuff doesn't matter in real life.

    In your case just about any desktop DDR3 module will work. DDR3/2/1 are all agreed upon standards. Agreed upon to make it easier to identify compatible components.
  3. Abdussamad...Thanks so much for the response! I thought that was the case but just wasn't sure!!
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