8800 GTS..Posts Fine wont boot Windows

Okay heres the deal...

I recently decided to switch out my Radeon X700 for an 8800GTS. This is an older PC and so I had to upgrade the power supply to 500W to insure the 8800 would have enough power.

The PC boots and POSTS fine but will not load up Windows. The GPU obviously has power (fan running) and everything else is hooked up properly. Im not sure if its simply a display (driver) problem or what. I know everything else is working because I had to put my x700 back in to be able to come here and ask this question.

Do I need to install the 8800GTS drivers first? I cant install them with the card actually in the PC because I cant get to Windows.

Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. you hae to remove ati drivers first... use driver sweeper and remove ati drivers and get into safe mode and remove all registry entries
    then shut it down and install your 8800gts
  2. Thanks MJ for the quick response. Im going to give it a shot and I will report back. :)
  3. Alright I have removed all the ATI Drivers. I used Driversweeper and the only thing its showing under ATI Display is "ati2evxx.dll". For some reason it wont remove it. I used CCleaner to disable that .dll from loading on boot and tried to delete it again, still wouldnt work. I have just kept it disabled for now. I am sure the drivers for the x700 are uninstalled because Windows detects new hardware every time I boot with it now.

    I tried booting again with the 8800GTS. The results were the same. Went to post, no errors, GPU fan running (obviously getting power), yet it still wont boot into Windows.

    I am really at my wits end here. As I stated earlier, I bought a brand new ANTEC 500W PSU to make sure I had enough power to run this card. The card is not damaged, as far as I know, it was recently working fine in my brother's PC.

    Is there anyone out there that can help me solve this issue?
  4. What do you mean by won't boot into windows? What happens, exactly? Also, what Windows version is it?

    I had a random problem occur after a hard reboot from a game freezing, and it would POST fine but as soon as the Windows splash/load screen finished the screen would go blank, although the sounds still worked. I could get into Safe Mode, and if I deleted ALL drivers I could get in normally until windows then auto loads some drivers... if I try to reboot again or try installing latest drivers, it would go blank again and I ended up "fixing" it by reinstalling Windows 7 (64bit). Hurrah... :(

    If you can, try to run a windows system restore to a point before you installed the new card. If that works, uninstall all old drivers, run driver sweeper, and then install fresh. Hope it works!
  5. What I mean is that I get NO Windows splash screen or loading bar. After POST, nothing. I can use F8 to load into Safe Mode or Normal loading but after that, nothing happens. Just a blank screen.

    Im using Windows XP Pro.
  6. Well, I dont know what else to do. There is definitely nothing ATI related loading when Windows boots. Ive used CCleaner, Driversweeper, and RegEdit to make sure of that.

    Is it even possible to load the 8800GTS Drivers without the card being installed? I dont think it is but it never hurts to ask.

    Again, swapping Radeon x700 for Nvidia 8800GTS on a Windows XP Pro box. Upgraded power supply to a Antec 500 Watts so power is not an issue (8800 Fan running). Everything else is identical when swapping cards (same PCIE slot, same HDMI cable). The card was in working order very recently and used in a different PC so I dont think the card is bad.

    PC will boot to POST with no errors when 8800 is installed. After that, the DMI stuff goes through fine. However, it WILL NOT load Windows. No loading screen, no sounds that signify Windows is loading or loaded. Nothing, just a blank screen.

    Someone help me please. :(
  7. Does the Antec power supply come with separate 12v rails?
    If so, make sure the 6 pin connectors are from two separate 12v rails.
  8. Try putting the new card in, then reset CMOS. Because it POST's, but won't boot, the BIOS maybe having trouble doing the initial setup for the video card. It isn't a Windows problem if it doesn't even begin to boot. It seems to be hanging after the initial hardware verification (ESCD), like it's choking on updating the hardware information (old card not present, what a new card?) . POSTing really is a very fundamental hardware query, basically it's asking the hardware if it's present and if it's happy. Once that's done, then it starts a more indepth query that allows the BIOS to configure the hardware (to use it's most basic functions) so it can begin to boot and hand off hardware control to the OS.

    P.S. You could also try turning on Force Update ESCD in the BIOS. You didn't say if you can get into the BIOS after POST with the 8800, if you can then just go into the BIOS and set this setting to Enabled. If not then you have to use the old card to get in, set it, shutdown, put the new card in and reboot. This may forgo you having to reset your CMOS.
  9. Yes, it has 2 of the 12v 6 pins. The 8800GTS only requires one though and it is plugged in.

    Yes, I can get to the BIOS setup with the 8800GTS installed. I tried resetting the BIOS to default and double checked all the settings to make sure there wasnt anything (that i know of) which would cause the no Windows boot problem.

    Im not sure what you mean by resetting the CMOS. Are your referring to removing the battery and replacing it?

    Also, I do not recall seeing a "Force Update ESCD" in my BIOS options. This MB is very old (EP-8NPA SLI) but should be completely compatible with the 8800GTS. The 8800GTS is old itself, which im sure everyone is aware of.

    Thanks again for all the help. I am currently running with my x700 reinstalled. It reinstalled perfectly like things should go; 5-10 minutes of driver installing and reboot and works perfectly. If only the 8800GTS was so easy.

    I will give the other suggestions a try and see how it pans out.

    P.S. I am beginning to think the 8800 is simply bad. Ive talked with several people and thats pretty much the consensus. Even though it might have worked recently in a different PC, I was not the one to remove it from that PC and transport it. It could have been shocked along the way or any number of things. The fan on the 8800 is running fine but im not so sure that signifies that the GPU itself is working properly.
  10. well, try a cmos reset
  11. Sorry to necro an old thread, but i am having the exact same issue...

    My 8800GTS has been fine the last four years, however, last week, I was playing a game and it crashed, after that, everytime i boot into windows, right after I put the password in -- nothing happens, blank black screen. Weird eh?

    So it looks to be a driver issue... so i boot into safe mode (which works fine.. i can do everything i want too) then uninstall the graphics driver and reboot.. everything works fine. I download the latest drivers from nvidia, install them, reboot. Bam. Same thing... screen goes black as soon as i put the password in. Weird.

    Now i boot into safe mode, everything works fine, however, as soon as windows puts their generic driver and the computer restarts, it breaks again. The card works fine in safe mode and up until you restart with generic graphics drivers.

    So now I decide to just wipe the comptuer, i dont know what the issue is, but 9 times out of 10, a reinstall fixes everything. I pop the windows 7 cd in, boot up, everything loads fine, then once it restarts to go further into the installation, it goes back to the blank black screen.

    Anyone have any idea now? Im assuming a bad card, but that doesnt make much since due to the fact that it works up until a restart.. any ideas guys?

    (Btw, before i reinstalled win7, i cleared the BIOS by taking the battery out for a few minutes, so everything was reset to defaults.)
  12. @kganna, please start your own thread.
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