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I have purchased a Pinnacle AV/DV card few years back and it was working fine. Now that I have a new system, I want to use the card into it. But the problem is my Original installation disk has gone bad. Where can I get the installation software with Studio 9?

I have already searched in the Pinnacle Official Website.

Please help.
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  1. I would highly recommend contacting Pinnacle directly asking for a copy of that disc. They might charge you a small fee for processing and shipping, but it'll be way better than having to buy a new card just for the software.
  2. Dear borisof007,

    Thanx for ur reply.

    I already have contacted pinnacle customer support. What they have told is that they don't have any support for AV/DV version 9 and to contact FAQ and User Forum. There are more than 1000 posts to see and thats very frustrating. I hope u understand. I'm now trying torrents.


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