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My system is not booting when i start it with gra. card inserted into pci slot. keyboard lights glow for once and thats all monitor never comes up. system runs without card fine. It started after i bought a tv tuner card and inserted into the pc.now system wont boot neither with or without tv tuner card if gra. card is inserted. What might be the issue.?
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  1. PCI slot, hmmm, is this an old 386sx system? We'll need a lot more information. List your full system specs, including the brand and model of your PSU.
  2. okay...i have

    intel 945 DGCL motherboard.
    XFX G-Force 8600 GT graphics card 256 MB DDR3
    and the tuner card mentioned is an intex TV CAPTURE card.

    I am running Windows 7 32 bits OS.
  3. And it is running off of D-cells?
  4. sorry,
    i did not get you...
  5. okay power supply unit..

    its 250 Watts power supply.
    manufacture: intex

    need anything else..?

    I am sure my graphics card is fine, since it was running till I removed it to use tv tuner card as my system stopped booting when i installed tuner card to it.
  6. Need help here.
  7. 250 Watts is really low... that's probably the issue.
  8. @Wolfram23: it was working till the time i was using only graphix card...

    i want to present the problem in timeline so its easy for you to visualize.

    1. system installed with graphics card worked fine for 10 months.
    2. then fifa worldcup came up and i decided buying a tv tuner card for it.
    3. when i purchased and installed the intex capture card into the PCI slot along with the previously installed graphix card just above at PCIE slot the system stopped booting.
    4. So, I remove the graphix card for timebeing and enjoyed all the matches till round of 16.
    5. Now quaterfinal still ahead, i want to fix the issue with the graphix card and may be if succeded play both at the same time.

    Since I am not updated and informed about the computer peripheral knowledge i want some assistance.

    Any help is gladly anticipated.

  9. Well, still, 8600GT recommends a 350W PSU. The fact that it doesn't work after installing another card I'd say that with both cards installed it broke your PSU (or maybe something else) but it was due to trying to pull more power than the PSU could supply.

    When you have the 8600GT installed and try to turn it on, what happens exactly? Lights come on? Fans spin? Anything else? When I fried my MSI motherboard, it would turn all the fans on and lights and such but nothing to the monitor... and yeah, turns out the motherboard died.

    But yeah, I'm fairly sure the 250 watt PSU is the root of the problem (well, technically trying to add another card with that PSU)
  10. Yep, it sounds like the PSU wasn't able to support both cards, and something likely fried in it. I would no longer trust the outputs to be "clean" enough for your PC, even under a reduced load. You should replace it. The new PSU should have full range active PFC (no little voltage switch) and be 80+ certified for efficiency. Antec, Corsair, Seasonic, and Enermax are among the better brands. A 350W-450W model from any of those brands would be sufficient.
  11. My favorite under 500 watt PSU:
    Corsair 400CX (30 amp 12 volt rail)
  12. just checked the system with another 300W smps its still not booting. May be the problem lies elsewhere.
    I am going to check my graphics card on another system now.
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