Samsung 840 vs 830 Prices

I know the 840 Pro's are pricey, but am I missing something about the 840 normal vs 830 and their prices?

Also how would 4 of these in Raid 0 hold up to to two 840s (I know there isn't direct benchmarks for this, so I trust common sense).

They are probably the cheapest "Tier 1" SSD I can find, I didn't want to have 4 drives just because its messy/less fail-proof, but it would save me about 250 bucks.
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  1. I cannot make sure of SSDs, but HDDs Raid 0 is actually worse than none. I tested this extensivly, and the truth is, if the HDDs are almost empty, raid 0 i a lot faster, but once you get it quite full, search times are way longer.
    I read somewhere that raid 1 dosent have this problem (thou it does make you lose hdd space).

    In SSDs, as far as i know, search times dont change untill its about 80% full, so its possible raid 0 will outperform regular ssds.
  2. The 840 uses cheaper TLC NAND, I would go with the 830 as its has a proven track record. Overall the 840 is faster but only in benchmarks and you would not notice the real world difference. The 840 needs sometime to prove its realiability, 4 drives in raid vs 2? 4 drives will always be faster.
  3. Well, looks like I'll be getting the Chronos Deluxes then.... now that I think about it I really only need 3.
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