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I've got a 7900gtx, i've had it for about 3months now. It was fine when I first intalled it, but in the past 6/8weeks i've started to get graphical errors in game. For example I get 'flickering', lines appearing from characters and areas of the screen going totally black. I've just installed a new PSU incase it was a power issue, but it hasnt made any difference. Any ideas? Or is it just a failing card?
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  1. what are the temps of gpu while gaming?
  2. Have a read here:


    It could be temperature related, download a use GPU-Z to check the temperatures, and fan speeds: It can be left running to create a log.
    Also, reinstall the card software: ALL of it, and use Driversweeper in Safe Mode to make sure all the existing, and previous, drivers are fully cleaned out before installing the latest drivers from Nvidia.
  3. I've got speedfan installed and the gpu hits around 60/65. I've reinstalled new software after i've used driver cleanup and also manually uninstalled via device manager.

    I've taken it to a computer tech I know, and it works fine on his computer, he didnt play any games but he did a benchmark test and he says everything was in the norm. Only difference is that he runs windows 7 and i'm on Vista 32bit. Could that be a issue? I would of bought a new gpu by now, but the fact it runs fine with him is making me hesitant as the card mite be perfectly ok.
  4. Already have the latest driver?
  5. Speedfan is only for the CPU and hard drives, AFAIK, for the card you'll need GPU-Z or Rivatuner to read and minitor its temperatures and fan operation.
    Which CPU is installed? 60/65C is OK for some but pushing it for others and overtemp for some. Also were those temperatures at idle or during gameplay?
    If the system is a little old, it may just be in need of a little TLC. Try swapping the RAM modules around to reseat them. Remove the CPU and reseat it (not forgetting to use new thermal paste) and clean out its cooler, also remove and reconnect the wiring plugs, just in case one is losing contact or has worked slightly loose.
    One trick that can help is underclocking the graphics card, try taking 25MHz off the memory and 10MHz off the GPU core speeds and see if that helps, if so, and it does not fully cure the problem, take a little more off;)
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