Help to choose powercolor hd 5850 pcs+ or sapphire hd 5850 vapor-x 2-g


i wanna help to choose between these two cards

powercolor hd 5850 pcs+

sapphire hd 5850 vapor-x 2-gb

i don,t care about games included with power color

i care about overclock potential , quality of componentes

hope to help. thanks
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  1. I would choose Sapphire which is the biggest producer of ATI cards.
  2. thanks for your reply rolli59
  3. Sapphire has my vote. Their Vapor-X technology is amongst the best.
  4. Sapphire i chose. You should to.
  5. I would choose the Sapphire aswell, although unless your running Eyefinity or 2560 x 1600 with 8xAA then the 2GB model isn't worth it for you.
  6. thanks for all guys
  7. Yup Sapphire FTW.
  8. +1 Sapphire
  9. The ASUS DirectCU version of the HD5850 is the best around IMO.
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