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When are the amd bulldozers coming out?

hi guys im going to build in december so i just wanted to know when are the amd bulldozer cpus coming out? and are the intel sandy bridge cpus only coming out next year?

thanks, ive been out of computers for a while so i dont know if any new news has come up on release dates etc
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  1. All AMD will say is "2011" for Bulldozer - best guess is 2nd half of the year since it is the server version that will be released first, desktop to follow later.

    Sandy Bridge "mainstream" desktop CPUs are supposed to ship early next year - January maybe - and the "performance/extreme" or socket 2011 versions in Q2 of next year. Intel is being kind of closed-mouthed about the latter - I guess they don't wanna hurt their i7-980X sales :P.
  2. I read an article some where about a Q2 2011 release date for the AM3+ boards which are required for Bulldozer, so we won't see Bulldozer before April, and who knows how long after that. Llano is also pushed back to Q3 2011 now.

    I gotta get ready for work, I'll try and find the articles tonight.
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  4. Yeah, that supports what I have been saying all along. You won't see Bulldozer before Aug 2011.
  5. thanks oh well il just have to go for an i7 950 or something, when are the ATI 68xx cards coming out? i know the 67XX cards are coming out at the end of this month, so when are the 68xx cards coming?
  6. Rather then posting, google it. will come up with the information you need.

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