Inspiron 530 grapchics card upgrade

hello i am looking to upgrade my current grapchic card which is a ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT

i would like to know what will work in my computer Dell inspiron 530

2gb RAM
intel core 2 dou processor 2.53GHz
windows vista 32bit

idk if u need to know more i will be gladly to post

the graphics card i would like to upgrade would preferably be ATI and i am willing to spend no more then $500

thank you hope you can help
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  1. I don't think an HD 5870 would fit in your system, I'd go for an HD 5850, just make sure your power supply is at least 500W, and you might need an adapter. (Dual molex to six pin PCI-E)
  2. how do i find out how big my power supply is?
  3. you have a 300w PSU, i suggest the ATI 5670

    or upgrade the PSU
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