Memory for Intel BOXDX58SO2 + i7 990x

I'm upgrading my current system, and I can't find the best fitting memory for the motherboard.

I have two sets on my mind to choose from:

But I read many feedbacks about the Intel BOXDX58SO2 boards having issues running memories higher than 1600MHz, even though the specs on the board itself say DDR3 1600+ /1333 /1066, and was suggested to stick with 1600MHz kit.
If that's true, then I will go with this one

But, before I order any of them, I would like to hear a second and third opinion, and/or some alternative suggestion.

This build itself will be mostly serving for work with Autodesk 3D-Studio Max, Maya, Adobe CS5 and gaming.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. The Corsair Dominators work great with the i7-990 CPU. That's what I have and I am very satisfied with the performance of the RAM.

    The only downside is that it has tall heat spreaders which may interfere with certain heatsinks. On my CM V8, all is fine!
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