Upgrading to SSD + HDD for storage From RAID 1 HDDs

For the past year I've been running 2 WD 1TB blue drives in RAID 1 for OS, games, storage, everything. Over the past year I have discovered this is a huge mistake. The on board Raid controller of my MSi 890FX-GD70 is terrible. I just bought a 128g samsung 830 and want to Install Win7 64bit on that and use one of my HDDs for storage.

I need to preserve as much data from my current raid array as possible.

1. Can a raid 1 array be broken without losing data?
2. If I'm able to break the array, what is the most efficient way to make the 1tb HDD into a storage drive rather than a boot drive?
2.1. Is it as simple as deleting files from the current 1tb boot drove and if so what should I delete?

The overall goal here is to go from my current setup, 2 HDD Raid 1 (everything), to 1 SSD (os) + 1HDD(storage).

Any advise or insight is greatly appreciated.

Overall system specs:
Mobo: MSI 89fx-gd70
CPU: AMD phenom ii x6 1100t
GPU: MSI gtx 560ti
Ram: Patriot 8 gb 1600 mhz
Storage: 2 WD blue 1TB in RAID1
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