1866 mhz ram or 1600 mhz

Hello, i'd like to know which ram is faster (more effective) espacialy for music and image editing or rather overall. Because of the sandybridge memcontroller it's possible to use 1600mhz and 1867mhz ram, too with for e.p. the 17" mbp quad 2.3.

A 1867mhz 4gb 204 pin ram with a 11 -cl has an absolute latency of 11.786 ns, but
a 1600mhz 4gb 204 pin ram has a 9 -cl with an aboulute latency of 11.250 ns.

(2xtiming)/rate is that the right calculation formula?

Does that mean the 1600mhz is faster in real?

I know that the bandwidth is higher because of the higher rate, but is the ram able to really use that? (because of the higher absolute lat.)

might it be that the higher rate it better for huge mem packages ( maybe rendering?) and the lower rate for random access (the editig it selve, having lower latencys for midi with high end soundcards like the fireface 800)?

Thanks for the answers!


I know the differences aren't very high but for audio editing small differences can change a lot, so please do not make a dissicion if its justified to pay more or that the diiference is small.
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  1. Get 1.5V RAM with lower latency like CL7 or CL8. 1333 or 1600 whatever.
  2. for the 204pin 4gb there is even at 1333mhz no faster than 9-cl as the 1600mhz, that would mean that the 1333 has an absoulute cas lat of 13,5 ns what is about 20% slower (in cas) and it has 25% less bandwidth than the 1600mhz, thats why i wouldlike to know it the slower absolute cas lat of the 1867mhz of about 5% makes it overall slower than the 1600....
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