To Crossfire or not to Crossfire

I am planning on a new build very soon and I'm looking to do top tier gaming with it almost exclusively. My original plan was to order it with one 5870 and add another 5870 along the line (with the impression the 5870 was the best price point for a high end card and that it scales well with crossfire). However I've ran into a few comments that crossfire "isn't worth it" for one monitor. Would I be better off saving for a 5970 or is Crossfire fine for a one monitor setup? I'm going for a budget of around $2000.

Also, is the i7 900 series worth it if I'm not going triple crossfire?
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  1. Crossfire is fine for a single monitor and getting a second one later down the road is a cheap upgrade option to greatly improve your gaming potential. No reason crossfire wouldnt be worth it on a single monitor.
  2. I7 9xx is worth it if you can afford it crossfire or not. A single HD5870 is fine for a single monitor and it is a good plan to add another one later.
  3. Thanks for the responses. I have another question I might as well put in here. Are there any mobos and cases currently that can fit 3 5870s with enough room to breathe?
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