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Hello everyone. So, basically, I've been studying for CompTIA A+, and I understood a lot, but I also understood that there will definitely be some "stupid" questions. So, really, just to prepare well, what kinds of questions should I hope to be asked? I mean, Could you provide me with... questions that might be sneaky, too hard and such, please? I would really appreciate your help. If you want to say something like "study by yourself" or similar, I definitely will, but I need to know, let's call it, the best book to prepare by, where will be all the answers to all the questions. Thank you
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  1. Anyone?
  2. Do not cheat:

    A customer come in with a Dell Dimension computer and screams that the bloody thing wont turn on. What do you do?
  3. Ask him to leave the computer and see what's wrong. It might be power supply, might be something else. Or what? It'll be better if you provide (if you remember, of course) the answers. I mean, ABCD(EF).
  4. Ah, but does a real-life situation provide you with A,B,C,D answers. No.

    The answer is:

    Calm the customer down and ask what you can do. Tell them why they feel that way and provide a personal aspect to what they are feeling. Basically, calm them down and ask what they want done.
  5. Okay, second question.

    What is the RAM limit on a 32 bit OS?
  6. That's easy. 4GB, or 2^32 bytes. It's not 4096 KB though, neither it is 4000 KB. Any more? I understand that in a real life there are no ABCD choices, but I'm not taking test on a real life, I'm taking test on A+ certificate. By the way, thanks for help so far.
  7. So,

    A guy comes in with a graphics card. It has been fried, like KFC'ed fried. What do you do?
  8. Without choices again, huh... Say him that it is impossible to repair a video card and suggest him to get a new one or say that we could get it and insall for him.
  9. Correct.

    A person comes in with a computer. This person is a heavy smoker. They want you to clean their computer. What do you do?
  10. Clean it but say that it is wrong to smoke in front of the computer. No matter what the client (in most cases) is right.
  11. Close.

    You say you will clean the unit, but never tell the customer what to do with his computer, or his life. Even though you it is not advised to smoke around a computer, advise him to possibly have an alternative smoking area from the computer.
  12. Well, yeah, that's basically what I meant. And I didn't say I'm telling that he shouldn't smoke in front of the computer, just that it's a bad idea. Any more? You're really helping me, I really appreciate it.
  13. A customer comes in with a computer. He says his floppy drive won't work. He also states that he has the IDE connectors in the correct orientation, and that the power is in the line.

    What is wrong?
  14. Umm... IDE? Did I hear it right? As far as I know, floppy uses its own cable, not an IDE...
  15. 5 questions out of... By the way, out of how many quesitons? Or it differs? I know there are percentages, but not sure about amount of questions.
  16. Correct.

    IDE is not a connector. He may have a bad connector..or the wrong one. :D
  17. Here is another one:

    There is a regular customer who comes in daily to chat with you. He has plans to build a new computer. He states that he will build a server computer for gaming. However, he wants to go LAN. He also states he wants to connect to other servers. He wants you to do it for him.

    What do you do?
  18. IDE is a connector, it is a PATA-like connector that goes to older hard drives (I'd say, 96-98 to 2001-2005 or so)
  19. Well, what do you mean, server? Like, an actual gaming server to which players connect (where all the rooms are)? If yes, then it requires more skills than just an A+ certificate. It requires a broad knowledge of networking, security, hardware and software. I'd suggest him to contact the company that created game and ask them if it's possible. (In some (free) games it's possible.) But, LAN and "other servers" are like a cloud and the sky, they're different. I'd say it's impossible.
  20. Sure.
  21. So, any more questions? I'd like to know as much as possible so that I could pass the test.
  22. Not right now.

    Post back later.
  23. OK, no problem. Please don't forget about me, though. Well, you know, you're helping me. I mean that... :)
  24. sure.
  25. Bonus points:

    What is the full name of my avatar.
  26. Don't know... Starfox?
    By the way, have you actually taken the test? Just asking, don't resent.
  27. Nope, as you can see in my bottom message, I am currently at CH15, on a break right now.

    The bonus was Wolf O'Donnell.
  28. How soon do you plan to take the test?
  29. This summer, about June.
  30. Ooh, I'm planning to take it in mid-April, I want to go to MCTS certificate this summer. Of course, plans might change, though. If you change your mind and decide to take it soon, let me know. If not, I'll do my best to pass it. (...and write the questions here, ones that I'll remember)
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