Need to wipe HDD fully and keep hdd back to full 500gb and restall Win

I'd bought this new custom pc and it has been installed with Window 7 Ultimate 64 on a 500gb and down to 463 gb left, apparently, the Window 7 is corrupted, so now the guy send me the disk to redo it. So now it still will not correct the problem. I don't think the Window 7 is not really formatting the HDD as like it say it does. It keep acting of doing same same over and over and or the actual disk is being corrupted itself from the start
I won't use Drive Wipe as it really don't bring back to full hard drive sizes, they just get smaller or what left of unuse partition left on HDD.
I really need to wipe entirely and reformat the HDD back to like new/ full 500gb. So can reinstall with fresh new Window. Going go try Win 7 pro 64.
Had enough of Window 7 Ultimate. as finding trouble coming from Window Vista.
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  1. you should be able to do either or with the windows install disk after it loads its temp files
    on your harddrive it will ask you which partition to install there should be something like advanced option to delete reformatv your drive or partition it make a 150 gigabyte partition for windows so if this happens again you'll only have to reformat your c: drive
    with the operating system and programs have videos downloaded files on other partition won't get deleted?
  2. Hello Marco324
    Thank you for your reply.
    I really need to wipe HDD entirely, Think it been a mess from the start. As it seem to corrupted from the start as preinstalled it.
    It acting like it on HDD , seem of not getting complete Window setup and don't think it is formatting right.
    Pc has been going different sages. First going good, then go in startup repair, fixes, and goes thru ok, then bang, cannot startup repair, cannot find any problem, and on to difference stuffs.
    So I searches trouble shoot, everything keep leading back to Window Vista.
    My M/B is ECS A780GM-A V1.1, AM3 Quad Phe. II x4 805 CPU, 4gb mem., 500gb HDD.
    I have use WipeDrive before, on an older pc, it really didn't wipe the HDD entirely back as new. That why I'd mention about that. For example, I had a 120gb and it was down to 85gb left. Ok When I use Wipe Drive, It only wipe the whole 85gb. So it did not do like it supposes to do as supposes to wipe whole HDD. My losses of time and money.
    I already bought a new Window 7 Pro 64 disk, and got too much money tied up in this pc. I want to bring that HDD back as new as 500gb and clean state and making sure the Bad Window 7 Ultimate 64 is completely off that HDD so it won't get conflict as an OS system on it drive.
  3. Using a wipe utility probably isn't going to help you here... it sounds more like the hard drive itself is bad. No matter how many times you format, or use a wipe utility like DBAN, I suspect you're going to run into the same problems.
  4. Hello The_Prophecy

    Thank you for your reply.
    I was afraid of you or someone was going to say that. Waiting to pull out more of my hair.
    Now before we call this actual of may of being the causes and being confirmed.
    May everyone here learn something about this.
    Is there differences in of Windows 7 Gen., Window 7 OEM, and if there other Window 7?
    What are chances people doing burning onto disk and or of doing preinstall onto PC from where ever they're getting Window 7 from Copy, Disk, Burning,etc.?
    Would that consider HDD being bad?
    I don't know how or what he did to it. That his business, but I'm the tooked the goof chances of buying the dang thing.
  5. I posted the differences between the Retail and OEM versions of Windows 7 in question 8 of this thread:

    As for whether it caused your issue... I doubt it. Installing an operating system on a hard drive won't cause problems like the ones you have described. What I would do is start with downloading a copy of the Ultimate Boot CD and running some of the hard drive diagnostic tools it contains. If problems are found, seek a replacement drive from the manufacturer if it's still under warranty.
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