Can't get to configuration page on my access point

I am running a whole-house ethernet wiring set-up with a cable modem and wired-only router in my central wiring panel. The router has an IP of and allocates LAN IPs from through 150. I am trying to add a Buffalo Airstation router to use a wireless access point. The Buffalo router has an external switch that allows it to run as a router, as "auto" meaning it senses whether there's another router, or off, which puts it in bridge or access point mode.

I hooked the Buffalo up to my network using one of its LAN ports and plugged the other end into a switch, in other words, not connected directly to a modem or computer. I powered on in Router Off mode, but it never got assigned an IP from my router. I rebooted in Auto mode, and my router assigned it the next IP available, which is So, I wanted to access the Buffalo configuration page. I went to in IE on one of my PCs, but nothing loaded in the browser. The default IP for configuration of seems irrelevant when used as an access point.

How can I access the configuration page? I can reach the main router's page at, so why the *** can't I access the Buffalo configuration page at I've tried in both auto and off mode after getting the IP assigned, and nothing works.

Please help.. very frustrating.

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  1. Can you access it if you plug a computer directly into the buffalo station?
    Try plugging into the wan port.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion, that's pretty much what I did late last night finally... completely off the network, I plugged into one of the ports (I think it was the LAN port, not WAN actually), and I got into the configuration page. Finally.

    Nothing's easy in networking, that's for sure.
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