Really Stumped. Disk Read Error. Black Screen of Death using Boot CD

Hi everyone,

Would really appreciate some help. I'll try and post as much detail here, but if you need anymore I'll get to it.

Right, friend has dropped his laptop. Asked me to help. Said he dropped it when he was at the vista login screen.

His laptop is a Sony Vaio , model VGN-NW11S/S.

I turned the laptop on to be greeted by the message "Disk Read Error has Occured. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart."
If you follow that, then the same just loops over.

So, I decided to try and get to either safe mode, run chkdsk or try and get to his sony vaio recovery partition.

I did 2 things:

1) I had a copy of windows vista home premium (same as his) on DVD, changed the BIOS to boot from DVD first, done all boots...but then after the Windows loading screen/ have nothing but a black screen with a mouse cursor.

*Also kept pressing F8 after it boots from get to advanced boot option to "Recover Windows" but I did try Safe loads to a black screen as well.

2) Held F10 at startup to access the recovery partition, set aside by the manufacturer...another says "windows is loading files"...the bar fills up..and then again....the black screen.

Where I am now...

Tried a couple things...some said clean the HDD connection heads...i took out the HDD, unplugged, cleaned, plugged back help.

I even tried taking battery out, AC out and holding down power button for 30 help...

So....I downloaded something called Hiren's Boot CD...and tried a couple of things...

1) Done a TestDisk comes up with the error "ERROR READING OF THE IDENTITY DEVICE DATA".
2) I tried using "Parted Magic" - but it keeps hanging on "creating /etc/fstab"
So I looked that up, someone said to just remove that i ran it using "Failsafe option"...but it still attempts to create etc/fstab.

REALLY REALLY LOST friend says it has important data on would really like to save the data if he can...

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  1. Right, think I have figured it.

    Took the HDD out of the laptop...saw that it was a Toshiba. Put it back in...ran the Toshiba HDD Diagnostic tool (found on Hiren's Boot CD)...result = Defective HDD.

    So im guessing that my chance of restoring my mate's laptop is 0%.

    Plan of action: Buy Laptop to IDE adapter. Attach to a PC, try and recover the data that way. Then throw in the bin and use a new HDD.

    Unless you guys know of a way of restoring a defective HDD?

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