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When I check my cpu temps in bios under pc health it says my cpu is running at around 30c and i'm sure it's accurate because when i change the fan speed i can see the temps in bios go up or down depending on fan speed. when i boot windows which takes about 60 seconds all of my temp monitoring software (cpuid, core temp, fanspeed, etc.) says my cpu is around 46c. if i reset and immediately go to bios it says it's around 30c... are all of the temps i see wrong? is my cpu really at 30c or is it really at 46c? i need to know because this phenom ii x4 965 has a max temp of 62c and i hit 62c and 63c just from playing a game for 30 min to an hour. i've reapplied the thermal paste 3 times just to be sure i didn't have too little or too much applied. above the cpu temp in pc health it shows my system temps which are around 46c which is the same that it shows for my cpu temps when i boot. any ideas?
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  1. your temps are @ 46...

    To get a true feel what your temps are however you should run a stresstest on the processor and see what the max temp is.
  2. What tool are you using to see the CPU temp in windows?
  3. christiangordon said:
    What tool are you using to see the CPU temp in windows?

    He said:
    "temp monitoring software
    (cpuid, core temp, fanspeed, etc.) "
  4. Prime95 makes my temps hit 62c in 2 min so I never let it go on much longer than that
  5. Core temp is usually fairly accurate.
  6. ^wrong. All temperature monitoring is not very accurate below around 30-40*C. But this doesn't matter since the load temps are what are really important.
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