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So in my new rig my first hard drive seemed to be loud, so I went to replace it with the same brand just the 64mb chace version since it was the same price, but now it seems to be equal in volume, im not sure if this is te natural noise hard drives make or somethings wrong with my hard drive, please help. Thank you.

I have a seagate 1tb 64mb cache hard drive.
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  1. Hello,

    Without knowing the noise dB volume or the kind of noise, it's hard to give you any definitive answer. Kind of like saying, my car is noisy.

    Here is a web site that lets you listen to abnormal "bad", onorous sounds hard drives on life support make. Five are from Seagate, but listen to most of them.


    If it's not a similar sound, then it's probably physiologic. Many cases now mount their HDD's with rubber washers to prevent noise transfer, and insulated cases to prevent noise transfer.
  2. This noise could be just vibration on your case, as stated above my John_VanKirk, without knowing the kind of noise, we cannot help you.
  3. First try taking the drive out of the bay and setting it on a mouse pad or towel, something to absorb the sound (of course, with the power off). Start it up, does it still sound loud? If not your case mounts are amplifying the noise. See if you can use some o-rings or rubber washers between your drive and the bay.
  4. you can use this beween the case and the drive to reduce vibration and case noise http://www.coolerguys.com/840556063360.html
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