485 and 495

so whats up with this gtx 485 and 495.

are they really being made and is there a relative release date or at least 2010 or 2011 time line?

and is the 485 going to replace the 480 and the 495 be more like the 5970 or the 1000 dollar toxic with 3 fans and all kinds of craziness.
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  1. i've only heard at least information that appears somewhat legitimate, about the 485, which i've heard to be a fully functional 512 gf100 core, with a slight boost in clock speed same memory, and everything else and is suppose to be 20 bucks more

    i haven't heard anything really on a possibly 495, but personally if it does end up being a dual core model, i think it'll be based off of 2 gf 104 cores instead of a 2 gf 100 cores because it appears the gf104 is lot more efficient then the monster gf100 cores, can could see it being more of in the ballpark of the 5970, but i don't think nvidia will be able to make anything that has more raw performance then the 5970 without the most ridiculous power requirements
  2. The GTX 485 with all cores enabled seems likely. Apparently the GTX 495 is going to be based around dual GTX 470s or dual GF104 chips, but I really do not know how they will handle heat issues, considering the GTX 470 runs as nearly as hot as the HD 5970.
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