My 6000+\8800gt system is sick,so am i. time to upgrade!

hi, its my first post, i often come by to do my little search and always find an answer but now its personal.. sorry about the

i have a amd 6000+ with a 8800gt and it takes 6 tries to boot normally, it boots completely, then freezes and then i have to reboot a 4-5 resets to get passed the nvidia bios and boot normally. i tried removing memory sticks, switching them, nothing
makes a difference. i removed the video card and used the 6150 onboard, it works better but would be super slow and freeze during the last heatwave... anyway, im tired of trying to figure out whats wrong. dont have parts or buddies to try things so im
starting new.

i bought a 550 antec earthwatt 2 years ago, it should be fine to keep the box, all the drives and go for a quick upgrade.
i work on this pc + i got 2 weeks off so i want to play some starcraft2 intensively so i need to do it quickly... with a low budget.

i have +\- 700$ (canadianan dollaz)
229$ goes for a gtx460
120$ for 4gb ram
that leaves me with pretty much 300 for a cpu\board, i can put a little bit more but id rather not since i still have things
more important to pay.

im considering the x4 cpus but they seem to be pretty much unavailable where i live so i would need to order online, lose precious time and money on shipping.

what solution do i have left? the i3 530 (145$) might be okay but the boards are very expensive even more if i want usb3
which brings the question.. will i need usb3? i have 4 usb external drive, theres no chance that i buy a new one in the next 2
years. otherwise i get a i5 750 (224$ and that leaves 75$ for a board) but would i really see that much of a difference,.. enough to put bills on hold for 2 weeks? and what board would be a nice deal in the gigabyte\asus\intel brands? p55 or h55?

worst case is i get a dell 9100 i7 920 with a 5870 that i receive in 2 weeks for 1400$

i play crysis, dawn of war2, COD and starcraft2 and thats about it.

im on my mac right now.. please help me
thanks in advance!
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  1. Something like a Gigabyte 870A-UD3 motherboard ($105 on and either an Athlon IIx3 445 ($90) or Phenom IIx4 955 ($160) will work well with that 460 graphics card.
  2. dndhatcher said:
    Something like a Gigabyte 870A-UD3 motherboard ($105 on and either an Athlon IIx3 445 ($90) or Phenom IIx4 955 ($160) will work well with that 460 graphics card.

    thanks for the reply, ive checked, the X3 445 is unavailable in my area, the x4 955 is (for 189$) so is the 870A-UD3 (120$) its gets to the same amount as the i3 530 with a motherboard.. which is better between the 2? also i noticed the 770TA-UD3 at the same price which has usb3.. is it better?
  3. The 870A-UD3 is the new replacement for the 770TA-UD3. Both have USB3/SATA 6GB. Supposedly the 870 chipset has some improvements over the older 770. I have a 770TA-UD3 with an Athlon IIx3 440 and a 5770 and I am fairly happy with its gaming peformance. With a 460 instead of the 5770 it would be even better.

    If you want to save money, you could check on the Athlon II x3 440 or even 435.

    Read the Articles section in CPUs about the best gaming CPUs for the money. It will discuss the i3 530 and the 955 and you can make a judgement from that.
  4. ya thats what i read before making my initial opinions..
    x3 are really hard to find here... maybe i could get a X2 555 (115$)? but i keep hearing about the multi core and wonder if im missing on something on something by trying to save a few bucks.
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