Switching a 32bit drive to 64bit

I want to put a 64bit motherboard in my machine and more memory for gaming but am running 32 bit XP right now and do not want to lose all the items on my hard drive. Can i save the files or are they lost. Going to go to Windows 5 64
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  1. Hello,

    When you change from a 32 bit OS to 64 bit OS, you have to reinstall the operating system. It can't just be upgraded.

    Regarding your files, save them to a secondary HDD, and copy them back to their correct folders when your new OS is up and running.
    Regarding your gaming programs, your best plan is to reinstall those that come as 64 bit programs, so they will run at the faster 64 bit rate.
    If they are only 32 bit programs, they should run, as long as you have the appropriate interface drivers for your hardware.

    You can run some programs which don't function in Win-7?, by clicking on their properties, then choosing a compatability mode, like Vista, or XP SP3 and trying that, but they will almost certainly be crippled speed wise.

    I am assumming you are going to Windows 7, possiby 8, since Windows 5 is not a named version.
  2. Save all you important files on external hard drive.
    You need to re-install all programs and applications after installing windows.
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