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I have a big employment discount on Dell so am regretfully not building my own PC. The 980 options page has low end graphics cards from both Radeon and Nvidia going up to dual 4550's. So, does this mean that their top secret motherboard is automatically (no matter what my assemble choice) a ssi/crossfire or do i have to consider what i chose from the outset? I'd rather not get any of their listed GPU's and go with a better card and even throw in my old 8800 'til I do. Since I understand they don't like me changing power supply, how will I get around that if I do (or if I throw TWO 8800's in there)?

Thanks in advance,
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  1. Well, we need more info here...
    What about the specs? link?
  2. The link is invalid... :)

    Surely if you want to throw your old 8800GT then you MUST upgrade the PSU, DELL PSU is a good one but if it only has 300W then it won't powering 8800GT...
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