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Was planing on buying this router for my home networking needs but have ONE question needed answered before I do. I do realize that I can plug in my external HD into the USB device on the router and it will share my media on my network (Playstation 3 mainly), but I want to know if I can put new media files on the HD while its still plugged up to the router or do I have to disconnect and connect it to my computer???....I have ALL my Itunes music/movies on the external hard drive which as right now I have it plugged into my wireless (g) laptop. I use this wireless laptop to manage my Itunes media and was wondering also if/when I buy new songs will it have to go FROM my router To laptop then to the HD plugged into the router or can it just go straight to the HD from the internets??....I guees I had more than one question :whistle: I was thinking if it had to bounce from router to laptop and back again all at the same time something would have to bottleneck...Thanx for any help to a noob
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  1. Yes you can write files to the drive.
    Yes the data will have to go through the laptop, or another computer, to get to the drive. As for the bottleneck I wouldn't worry about as your network connections will be faster then what you can download from the internet.
  2. Thanx man...going to pick one up in a few days..Looking forward to playing with it
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