Can't seem to install CPU!!!! Help?

My first build. I have an i7-950 and a gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R

Well I put the CPU in, and put the plate down and try to lock it, but it requires too much force. I mean a lot of force. I'm afraid to break something. There's no way I could have put the CPU in wrong. I basically just laid it in there. I didn't push down. Am I supposed to?
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  1. You shouldn't have to push it down, gravity should do that.

    Take the CPU out and inspect the board for bent pins. Make sure all the pins are as they should be. If its good, put it back in. You do have to use quite a bit of force to lock it in. BTW, one trick you can use is to look at the CPU pads. The pins in the board should make a little dimple in each of the pads. If one is missing, look at that area for a bent pin.
  2. No bent pins, no. So it does require force to lock it in? This is normal?
  3. Yes. Its not like the old socket 7 days where you just push it down with one finger. You will have to use SOME elbow grease.
  4. Well okay. Now I have the noctua nh-d14 on, and the ram, now I put it into the case... heh... now, the tempest evo instructions are garbage and useless... how do I do this part? just line it up and start putting in screws?
  5. Yes, but make sure there are NO extra standoffs. The motherboard should only touch the standoffs where there are holes for them. Or else the board will short out. Check each standoff one at a time.
  6. kay I finally built this thing. I guess I was just having beginner's paranoia. But this system works great so far. I just installed Windows 7 and got all the updates, now I'm downloading my games from Steam to test how it really runs... hopefully great.

    Hm... should I do some tests? Not like the burn tests, I mean.. temperature tests, memory tests. Which programs would you recommend? BIOS said temps were 22 celcius but that was then, I wonder what they are now
  7. Go to the website of whoever made your board. (Gigabyte, Asus, MSI, etc) They should have some monitoring programs you can download. I wouldn't bother with any stress test type stuff unless you have problems. You can benchmark with 3dMark, Prime95, etc if you want. But thats really for bragging when you overclock.
  8. Personally the only test you should be doing is doing what you normally would on that PC. If its playing games, then play away. That is the true test to see whether the PC preforms like YOU want it to, not like what the benchmarks tell you to, as each PC is different to the next.

    Go out and enjoy the gaming aspect of a brand new rig and ully utilize the fact you built it yourself, which in sense gives even more enjoyment
  9. I would download the monitoring software, handy stuff to have. Other then that I wouldn't worry about anything unless your not getting the performance that you were expecting.
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