PC Upgrade due to issues

So as of late, my once reliable PC has started to fail.
Basically, one of the following things happen (in order of frequency)

1: Freeze during use. Music will play but only for a few more seconds. The PC for all intents and purposes, is locked up and must be reset.
2: Fan test phase won't end. You can hear the GPU (I think it's the GPU) fan going at 100% during the test phase in boot. Usually it stops after a couple of seconds and the screen comes on. Sometimes the fan keeps going through the test phase and the screen won't come on. Judging from what usually happens with my keyboard and mouse lights, the PC isn't booting properly. (I'm about 80% sure it ain't the GPU as I've played high requirement games without it artifacting)
3: Freeze during BIOS modification. I thought it could have been caused by a now unstable overclock, despite my OC being done over 1 and a half years ago. So I go into BIOS to reset but it freezes. It's done it a few times which leads me to believe the culprit MAY be the CPU.

So, in light of these issues I'm having, I've decided to replace the CPU, MoBo, and RAM.

My build is as below, any input is very much welcome. Those marked with * are old parts that I'm still using.

AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition – $189
Gigabyte GA-870A-UD3 Motherboard – $145
G.Skill Ripjaws F3-10666CL9D-4GBRL (2x2GB) DDR3 -$129

* Palit GTX260+ 216 Sonic
* 2 1 TB Seagates, 1 500 GB WD, 1 250 GB WD
* Corsair 750W, can't remember the model.
* CM690, DVD-RW, 6 fans.

If anyone could advise me as to what could be causing my issues and how to resolve it, it would be even better than a build review. This build is about 98% for gaming and the rest for document processing.
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  1. Cleaning (at least dusting with canned air) might help your problems. Check that your CPU fan is plugged in right and the heatsink fins are clean.

    It sounds more like your PSU fan, a case fan or CPU fan. The GPU fan doesnt normally wind up during boot. How old is your PSU?

    Have you checked CPU and GPU temps when you have problems?
  2. Temps are fine, during gaming the GPU hits about 55 or so, the CPU goes to about 35.

    The PSU is about 1.5 years old.

    Dust isn't a major issue and hasn't been since I put in stocking filters in front of the fans.
  3. I've pulled my PC apart looking for the problem. The inside is pretty clean, almost no dust due to the filters. I've reseated and reapplied thermal past to my CPU (wasn't any problem from what I saw).

    The PSU seems to be working fine, I plugged it into another system that draws roughly the same amount of power, no problems from what I saw.

    One other problem I forgot to mention was with my hard drives. I've got 6 Sata sockets but for some reason, only about 4 of them work, rewiring hasn't fixed it.
  4. Are you sure its not an HDD you are hearing at bootup? Could be one of them has a physical defect.
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