No detail in dark areas on hdtv monitor, please help

Hello all :) , I have been having some trouble using my Vizio hdtv (Vo370m) as a monitor for my computer which has Windows xp sp3. My graphics card is an Ati X1600 Pro Agp and I am using a Dvi to hdmi converter cable to connect to the tv. I am using the Catalyst Control Center 10.2 legacy which is the newest driver for my card. Im using 1280X720 resolution and the display looks great until i try to play a video game (Oblivion). The problem is that in shadowy areas where it should only be slightly darker than the rest of the game it is almost pitch black. there is no detail at all. I tried messing with the brightness, back light, and contrast but when i raise the brightness to where i can see, the non shadowy areas are too bright and unrealistic looking. I have this game on the xbox 360 and know how it is supposed to look on this tv, so i think the problem is with my computer. its not just in the game that's just where i started noticing that the blacks were too black. i looked up some test patterns and where there are supposed to be different shades of black it just looks like one black bar. is there a setting i can change to make my gpu work better with and lcd hdtv? sorry if this is a lengthy question i just wanted to make sure you guys had all the info you needed to help me out. :)
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  1. could it be the black level or dynamic range like 0-225 and 16-235? does anyone know how to change these output settings? my tv does not seem to have a black level setting
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