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micro center has a good deal with amd processors where you get the mobo for free or for an additional 9.99. I was originally ordering a Phenom II x4 955 from newegg and a asrock mobo for almost 270 bucks but....trying to see if a Phenom II x4 965 and an MSI mobo for an extra 9.99 would be better. Anyone have any ideas if the msi mobo is a good choice? Also, They have a x6 processor as well if thats worth an extra 20 bucks. Just not sure which mobo+cpu i should go with.
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  1. MSI has a slightly better rep than ASRock. It depends on the specific models, though. What features does one have that the other doesnt?

    For gaming, the x6 process will not help you much.
  2. Check the link....just seems as if the msi board has onboard video among other things. Anyway im saving about 80 bucks for this combo setup here and getting a 965 over 955...seems to be a no brainer i guess.
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