4650 DDR2 vs 8600 DDR3

My friend has an 8600GT, I have an HD4650. Would he notice anything good if I replaced it (good meaning FPS gains). I've looked through so much junk, and the answer still eludes me.
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  1. What happened to your friend's card? going bad?
    Or do you just want to give your 4650 free?

    I guess he's okay with his current 8600GT.
  2. Na, I'm just wondering if it's worth my time to ninja my card into his computer. I like him a lot, he's a good friend.
  3. The 4650 is faster than the 8600GT (assuming we are talking about the 512Mb DDR3 version). He should see a gain in frames, nothing major but surely noticeable.
  4. That's what I was hoping for. His res is 1600x900.
  5. ^ :)
    Then it's good, a free card for a good friend is always nice... :)
  6. I'm just wanting to make sure he'll see an increase of more than 3%, you know?
  7. what res does he play at?
  8. Numbnut! Look 3 posts above yours.
  9. Unfortunately the DDR2 really hurts the performance of the HD4650. The DDR3 version would be an alright upgrade but the DDR2 card, while still a bit better than the 8600GT, isn't much of one.
  10. What if I OC'd it some? Possibly 650 on the core and 475 on the memory? I really want to do this for 'em, but if it won't amount to more than 5%, I won't bother.
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    I do think it should be more than 5%, especially if you OC.
  12. Alrighty..his res is pretty high, and it'd be nice if he could turn on some more pretty effects.

    Thanks jay.
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