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Hi iv recently made a few threads about how I need a new graphics card. I bought the hd 5770 recently and it runs great. My question is, I added an addition 160gb sata hard drive yesterday and im a little worried that its to much for the power supply now. Its only a 375w psu which I assume is already borderline dangerous with the 5770. I dont know the calculations to what I was previously running but is the 12w that the hard drive needs going to be anymore dangerous with this?

And to be honest I plan on upgrading my psu offtly soon im selling my dirtbike to pay for a new motherboard/cpu/case combo for 150$ and I might as well grab the psu while im at it.
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  1. Anything you add will be dangerous to a Dell OEM 375W PSU that is being pushed by the ATI 5770. I would recommend upgrading your PSU sooner rather than later to protect your current & the new system down the road.
  2. the dell xps 400 can accommodate a standard atx power supply. look into this unit. good price good unit (beware the low antec basiq units sucks but this ones good)
  3. Look at the specs on the power supply. What is the combined 12 volts power rating?

    I have a 5770 in my i5 750 SFF system running on a 300 watt power supply. Lucky to see the system get much past 150watts from the wall unless I compress video and play games at the same time. Then again the i5 750 is not a power hog and undervolts well, plus a miniitx board is very power efficient.
  4. Ya im running a pentium d.....
    two pentium 4's stack on eachother. im sweatin bullets right now. Its only gonna be about a month till I get money. I think 12v is manageable tho... im only playing wow too so my gfx shouldnt be pushin to hard
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