Need a new Mouse

I got a new job at Corporate.
With it came a new Dell computer and its OK keyboard but lousy mouse. After 2 weeks the scroll wheel sticks.
I use it to surf the internet, post on forums, send e-mails, do Communicator and other common office stuff.
I'm used to a Logitec G5 which I use at home and I love.
I bought a "newer" blue G5 for my wife. She loves it too.
If they still made it I'd buy another in a heartbeat.
I really need to replace my work mouse.
Any suggestions?
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  1. This is the one i have now:

    I think its alot like the g5 too. Its really comfortable on the hands after prolonged use. It also has the increase/decrease dpi buttons and side buttons as well. Although i do remember it being a little cheaper.
  2. Yes, that's the only one I've found that is close to what I'm used to.
    It's older than the G5 but still in production.
    What's up with that?
    Thanks bavman.
    Anyone else have other ideas?
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    I recommend the Razer DeathAdded to your list for a few dollars more. I use it for my everyday computing at home and is an amazing gaming mouse (though probably not a big factor for a work mouse :) )
  4. Check out amazon, they still carry the g5's:

    I think they had more than one different color/price g5's.
  5. Thanks tecmo34. I checked it out and it looks good. If it had weights I'd go for it.
    I found the G500 at Amazon for $58, free shipping and a $20 rebate.
    I think I will buy that instead and see how it goes.
    The leftover G5's are way overpriced for a cheap person like me. I paid far less for the ones I have than the 1 or two left that I see now online.
    You get the best answer for an option I've never considered that's really a good one.
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