Correct 8800 temperature should be...?

What is the correct temperature range for a GeForce 8800GT? I need to ask because I think the stock fan is incorrectly replaced after I bought a watercooled one with stock fan in a bag. Chaintech 8800 GT. In Celsius please.
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  1. what are the temps you are getting now??
    on full load up to 80-85c is ok... but should be less
  2. I used to have 2 8800GT's in SLI...not anymore.
    In my old *** airflow-less case the top card frequently reached temps of 80'C, and abt 2 months ago the VRAM gave in so basically it got fried.
    Now im running a CM HAF 932 full-tower case with giant fans and the card sits at 50'C idle, and gets to around 60'C during stress tests. If I remember correct, u dont wanna run it above 70'C...but I have no source for this as I couldn't find a definite answer either :(
  3. Nvidia list 105c as being the point of "death is imminent", mine had Zalman VF900's slapped on them from day one and in the last three and a half years neither has ever gone above 60c under full load.
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